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Thread: Clean Mod Work Thread!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neo Alec View Post
    Very nice. I want to do it.

    If I ever mod my brother's Duo I'll have to use sync on composite. I have an obsession with keeping things as stock as possible, and I want the old AV cable to still work. Not that we'll probably ever use it again. My brother will appreciate that.
    I totally understand. In my case, all I have to do is solder the resistor back onto the board and it's like nothing ever happened. I measured the value on it as well in case I end up losing it by accident, and I have a permanent online record of the measurement for reference.

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    It's been a while since anyone's asked me to do an arcade stick mod. Here's a Brook UFB installed in a PS3 TE1 stick for a local FGC member.

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    PSX modchip install for a friend:

    While I'm at it, looking at doing an RGH mod to a Jasper and Slim 360.
    anyone have a tutorial or other resource I can reference?
    Quote Originally Posted by Rot View Post
    2. This is by far the dumbest thread I've seen in a while..

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    As my first mod work on a PS1 I decided to do a rewiring of a modchip. I don't know why someone would use these long wires. Hope this is considered clean.
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