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Thread: My first Neo Forum thread

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    In Trump's America, getting further and further from God

    Stop shitspamming, faggot.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sylvie View Post
    Xorthen was on my case for a few days via PM (and then some) offering to pay me $20 just to talk on the phone with me for an hour, but he chickened out or something and then decided to be an asshole in public towards me
    LOL.. Get rekt, lonely boy

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    We have purposely
    trained him wrong a joke.
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    Ok this is getting retarded fast.

    he spends hundreds on scarves, of course he's a fag and then ChuChu Flamingo preserved the aftermath in a plastic case making sure it wasn't exposed to unstable air
    You're just upset that you're too goddam stupid to understand the games and whiff infinites.

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