Hello all!

Now that my account is activated and I can do something around here thought I should at least say hi.

I'd originally bought an AES gold system in late '91 when I was 14. Gotta say it took forever to get the $650 together to buy one. I only ever had Fatal Fury & King Of The Monsters for it as new carts back then were $250+. I'd occasionally rent a game when I could make it to a place that rented them in the next town over.

But sometime in about '93 or '94 I wasn't working for a good while and sold my AES and most every other game stuff I had. And ever since then I've regretted getting rid of the AES more than anything else.

So, now it feels like it's time to finally get back into a Neo again. While waiting for account activation here I was asking my Neo questions over at Nintendo Age. After a bit of discussion and lack of a decent AES Gold system availability it seemed like a CMVS was the way to go until I came across an AES that fit the condition/price I could live with.

I loved the AES when I had it. And wanted another just like I had back in the day. But my bonus a week or so back wasn't big enough to pick up a nice complete in box Gold system. And was also having difficulty figuring out if an MVS converter was a decent option paired with a Japanese AES. But in the end I've decided to go with an Omega w/Virtual Memory card for now. Quan got in touch with me over at NA about it and I am just waiting to hear back from him on total shipped for an Omega, component cable, and a few MVS carts he had for sale as well.

Can't wait to be running a Neo Geo again. Even if for now it's not an AES like I once knew & loved.