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Thread: Messy Mod Work Thread

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    damn i need to change my pants.

    thats some DAMN clean work

    I have done an LS32 before and mine definitely didnt look that clean but then again it was very first mod.

    getting those bolts completely flush is impressive
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    Quote Originally Posted by MKL View Post
    It's totally possible to mount the JLF and its metal plate without cutting the outer wall. Here's pics of a dual mount mod for JLF and LS-32 with their respective mounting plates and at the correct heights:

    Attachment 47242
    Attachment 47249
    Attachment 47247
    Attachment 47246Attachment 47248
    Killer work man looks pro.
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    MKL is a wealth of knowledge, good to see him back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neodogg View Post
    MKL is a wealth of knowledge, good to see him back.

    Hope you stay MKL!

    //EDIT: While we're on Agetecs: I got two with just the cases and was wondering if there is a good way (replacement PCB even?) to make these compatible with the DC again (including memory card function and auto detect as stick)...
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