Original Thread

I have been sitting on this project for a while now and need some ideas from you guys. The original plan was to make a set number of the PCBs, sell them to members here, and donate everything to Cancer research in Tony's name. Zero profit/money to me, all procedes go directly to charity. I'll foot the bill on the PCB creation. However, I don't have a lot of time to assemble these. If there are others interested in helping, if they want to solder these or make kits we can do that too.

The PCB works great with all Driving games and even Pop n' Bounce. I mention using the Turbo Twist in that thread, but there are tons of other optical encoders out there that should work.

What I do know is shipping sucks lately in the US. International bubble wrap envelope costs around $7, US is about $2

I need recommendations on pricing these. Since this is a charity thing, I would like them to be a little higher than normal. Maybe like $20 per board + shipping? I dont know. If someone has an easy way to take payments that doesn't piss off PayPal, I'll need that help as well.

Just throw some ideas out there guys.