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Thread: A moment of silence, please.

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    Master Giby:
    Even though i'm a newbie in this forum, I feel really sad. It's sad to hear friends you love suddenly leave you. I grieve for his family and I hope SNK4LIFE can reast on piece forever.
    It's SNK4EVER.
    Sorry about that... SNK4EVER!! frown
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    what a bummer

    R.I.P. dude

    crying buttrock crying
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    I also am to new to know SNK4EVER, but I wish his family the best. I know he is enjoying all of those expensive games that I will never be able to afford. Also, I just think that it is absolutely amazing that the board responds like this. I truely feel like I am part of a community, no, a fraternaty of brothers(and sisters if there are any.) Again, Steve, I wish I could have met you.

    Much love,

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    Im new here so I hope I dont cause offence posting on this topic. I just find u guys posts really moving.

    I think for anyone, one of the biggest questions is 'when im gone will anyone miss me?'

    I dont think Snk4Ever has any need to worry.

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    You will be miss eventhought we never met in person, hope you will rip. We can all feel the intense power of the neo-geo, until we meet again, maybe one day we can play baseball stars in heaven.

    RIP, my friend

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    Hadn't been on here as much as I used to in the last few months. Damn. I remember reading and feeling lots of his posts. You're missed man.
    Rest in peace.

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    I once had a friend in my ICQ list I never met in person. I never saw a pic of him either.

    But I enjoyed the time we spent chatting...

    Then he suddenly dead because a car hit him when he was on his motorcyle...

    He day before he was there to chat with me. The day after he was dead...

    I still can't understand why that happened...

    I will never understand why people die..., you come for the Neo, you stay for teh drama!

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    I am sorry. I am late, very late.

    Steve, Rest In Peace.

    Never had our paths really crossed.

    But I have seen alot of your memories around here.

    I remember them. I remember you.

    Always in our hearts.

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