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Thread: New MVS Arcade Owner Here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Westcb View Post
    The part you need is two coin mechs, that is what the part you need is called; not a full coin door assembly, so get on any arcade part site and order two coin mechs. Not sure how you don't understand.
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    I think it's the v3 big red that had coin mechs that were specifically made for that door. The other versions used generic mechs you can buy from Happ still.

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    Love the cab and the games you got with it are some of my favs

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    Quote Originally Posted by VidyaGamez View Post
    Hello everyone, I just recently aquired a 4-slot MVS arcade with 5 games (Bust a move again, windjammers, king of the monsters 2, strikers 1945 plus, world heroes 2) Came with 2 mini marquees (I think, some of them are printed and some of them are not, but I dont have the keys to open the top.). All of this costed $450, and I will upload pics soon
    i bought mine [MVS-4 Slot] about 4 years ago for about 350$ CAN

    i've been loving the neo geo experience ever since.

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