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Thread: Where can I get spare Neo Geo Arcade MVS parts?

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    Where can I get spare Neo Geo Arcade MVS parts?

    My machine was repainted when I got it, and it would appear that the stickers that go on both sides were taken off. I would like to put them back on. My machine is a weird machine, I can tell by looking at it that it is a dedicated cab, but the front where the coin-op door is doesn't have headphone jacks and is black. The area around the joysticks and buttons is not red with white stripes, but is just black. I would like to put in headphone jacks, but im not sure yet.

    Anyone know where I can get MVS parts from?

    I will upload pics soon for everyone to see. Any help is appreciated, because I am new to the Neo scene, and this is my first arcade machine.
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    Is a reliable website to buy from?

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    You may want to check out the KLOV forums, when it comes to restoring machines they really are the best resource.

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    Depends what parts you're looking for. I don't think there's one place where you're going to find everything.

    I restored mine a few years ago and had to source a lot of stuff from a lot of different places. For instance:

    CPO -
    For the plexi covering the cpo, I found a shop locally that made one custom for me.

    Sticks and buttons -
    I bought a new power supply, t-molding and coin mechs from there as well.

    Cab artwork - There was a guy selling them years ago, not sure if he's still around though. Here's someone else that might be able to help you out...
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