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Thread: Post Your Recent Purchases!

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    Got this cool pcb holder, no more screwing things in hopefully. Well worth the $12.

    Only caveat is that you need to trim a little bit off the top for it to fit vertically on a Egret II.

    Horizontally it would fit but you would need a jamma extender. Additionally the sliding mechanism is tension based so putting it left to right instead of top to down opens up the chance of your board sliding out / if a piece of plastic breaks nothing to catch the pcb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pretty Amy View Post
    More than the arcade?

    We'll find out. Hopefully giving it a shot tomorrow or Monday.
    Well, I absolutely hate Shinobi on SMS. It's hot garbage. It's definitely prettier than the NES version, but that's the only good thing I think I could say for it. So, so many issues:

    • The bomb power-up. Why does this exist? It significantly reduces your range and just makes the game harder.
    • Some jumps in 2-3, 4-2, and 4-3 feel like you need to be pixel perfect. They're manageable once you get use to them, but it feels unnecessary to have significantly hader jumps than any of other versions.
    • Mandara phase 1 is stricter than any of the other versions. Wasted too many attempts just to make it to and die on this asshole.
    • When you duck immediately after hitting the ground, you can still get hit as if you're standing for a brief moment even though you're visually ducking. Not a deal breaker, but feels wrong.
    • Melee attacks are super unreliable. Sometimes you'll be pointblank and still throw a shuriken. And vice versa where you are far away yet still and up meleeing.
    • 5-2 isn't even remotely fair.

    I wish I could say I beat it, but I never made it past 5-2 without using the level select. And I don't really want to keep trying because it's just not fun. It's sad because with some relatively minor tweaks, it could have been much, much better.

    I'd probably rank the versions I've played like this:

    1. Arcade
    2. PC Engine
    3. NES
    4. SMS
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