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Thread: Rarest MVS Games

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    Quote Originally Posted by voltronbadass View Post
    You have to know how its played and be playing with someone else who is also familiar with it. Itís one of the very best games on the system in my opinion but needs to be enjoyed with another proficient player.

    Its absolute crap alone or with a noob.
    I see my problem now. Thanks, I should give it another try in the near future.
    How you been btw, buddy?
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    Could somebody in Belgium walk over to the fence and yell at Ratson to come back here?
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    Rugs you can't walk on.
    Welcome to the neo geo scene!

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    Quote Originally Posted by vincewy View Post
    I thought it's worth an update -

    We know most games (if not all) have gone up in prices, but the one that went up the most is TSS, I'm talking about the price being sold, not asked
    I overpaid easily by at least $500 or so, but I dropped $2,000 after the horrid GBP to USD conversion rate on a near mint TSS matching kit around 6 months ago; this is including a commission for the finder of the kit who was selling it on behalf of an arcade operator. Didn't want to wait years to find one as the last nice one I saw sold on Shmups for around $700 four or so years ago before prices on kits were absolutely ape shit. Just before I purchased that kit, another TSS kit in pretty horrible condition went for around $1,250 or so. These are the only three I've seen in a long time. Spent quite a bit on a Kizuna kit around that time too but nothing near that.

    The only other kit I plan to spend great amounts on if I find it is Pulstar... There was a really nice one that sold on eBay around a year ago for about $1,025 and I'd gladly pay that price if I ever found one again but I likely won't. Pulstar is one of the few kits I've hardly ever seen unfortunately and one of my most wanted as I really only want the Neo shmups and a few of the AAA or more obscure fighters.

    It's sad that kits are rarely ever for sale these days outside of eBay which is now basically the only resource besides a few European forums. I remember a few years back(2015ish) the sales section here was booming with kits being listed every day. A lot easier to collect back then but most just aren't wanting to get rid of their stuff anymore since it's all getting harder and harder to come by I guess, plus I think a lot of those old sellers aren't allowed here anymore since they never posted outside of the marketplace. I think there are a lot more current or ex arcade ops selling off inventory in Europe as well, as I notice most all the kits I find come from Europe. So yea, if you are after kits I suggest scanning Euro forums, PM me if you want a list.

    Also, moral of the story here boys is that if you have some good Neo stuff don't sell it all off like I did and have to rebuy it again later for 10x the price! haha
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