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Thread: R.I.P. Breetai/Firebomber7

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    RIP Blake

    "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;"

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    I never talked to him, but it is sad when anyone from our community passes on. Very sorry to hear this, and my condolences to all his loved ones.

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    been thinking about how sad this is all day today. I did not know him personally, but my heart goes out to his family.
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    we barely even talk about neo here.

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    I completely missed this one but remember him from a while back if not a few years maybe. Very unpleasant way to go out.
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    Could somebody in Belgium walk over to the fence and yell at Ratson to come back here?
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    Welcome to the neo geo scene!

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    Rest in peace Slash Chat, where everyone is welcome (except for Jassin) we talk about video games, we have fun, and tech help can be found for you arcade cab owners. Join up today!

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