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Thread: PSO2 Vita

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    PSO2 Vita

    It's the one game that would get me to buy a Vita. JP release date is February 28th. There's still no word on localization for either EU or NA.

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    I've never played any Phantasy Star's but all I've heard are good things. I'd seriously invest in a vita for this game.

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    I've also never played any of the phantasy star online games. I'm always interested in new vita games though. From the video it looks fairly similar to monster hunter. Is that accurate?

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    I've been playing the Vita game since release. It's really easy to connect to the PC account. It's very convenient to play on the PC and then play later with the Vita in bed.

    I've been away from the game for months and a lot has changed. The leveling is much faster and there seems to be a lot more events/levels. I'm on ship 2, would love to play with some people.

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    Yeah I heard they were talking about releaseing this for the vita. I held onto my Vita as long as I could... I got sick of it. But, if this game comes out in the US I will most definitely pick it up again. Also FFX would get me to buy a Vita. I couldn't even begin to count how many hours of my life have been wasted away playing PSO/PSOv2/Blue Burst.
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    Is it just me or have the graphics not much if at all improved over the DC PSO Version ?
    After seeing PSO2 comes on Vita i did took a closer look at the Vita.
    The Vita could be a nice system but, it fails in serveral ways.
    Its to expensive for what you get, if you dont choose the premium version with SIM slot your bound to wifi ( mostly at home ).
    Does not come with build in storage room so you need to buy the way to expensive memory cards. The resolution could be higher.
    You cant play your old PSP games without buying em again.

    Dont know what to say seems typical sony, creating own memory cards to sell them for expensive prices.

    The high price and the memory card issue made me already fall back from this system. Its just not worth spending 250€ plus 50€ for a 16GB memcard lol.
    Around 390$ wtf. No wonder Sony dont sell much of this overpriced crap.

    Seems i will only play PSO2 on PC for free.
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    So i've been following this closely on the Vita and PC.
    I've been playing the PC version for quite some time and there is definitely a graphical improvement to the other games.

    The Vita version is not fully compatible with PC players. PC players can join in any Vita room. The vita version has smaller maps due to graphical limitations.

    If you are truly interested in this game, i would just go with the PC version.
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    Last thing i heard the english release of PSO2 was chanceled. I did try to get the japanese version but it seems Sega blocks my ip for registering an account.
    Then i thought ok move on to some other game.
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    Is this ever coming out in the US? any news

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    It is not. Sega has not responded to PSO2 requests in over a year. They even made it near impossible to play on the Jp servers from outside the country.
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    If it's not like universe and more like the original game on the DC I'd love to play with you guys if it gets localized.

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    They even made it near impossible to play on the Jp servers from outside the country.
    What a shame.
    I used to play it early last year, but it got repetitive quickly.

    I think I got to level 40 or so on the ranged classes.
    The double machine pistol class had some neat moves.
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    It's such a shame they don't bring these games to the west anymore. This would honestly make me consider getting a Vita. I used to love playing PSU, I know a lot of people hate on that one but I really enjoyed it, especially after the Ambition of Illuminus update.

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