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Thread: Is KOTOR good on iOS?

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    pirate Is KOTOR good on iOS?

    Figured you guys would be best to ask for advice on this. 📱


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    Yes, though I have only played it with a Mfi controller. I can't speak to how well the touch controls work.

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    I've wondered that myself for either that or my shield tablet. I think it's a mix of lack of time but also of all things the GoG release stops me equally so. I've never actually played it before or the sequel since back in the day I was pretty much put off by PC gaming as it was in this apex of oversized repeated repair patches on games (much like consoles now though now it's worse) and because I had a Gamecube which didn't get it.
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    It's kind of glitchy at times, it was free on Amazon underground, so that might be it.
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