With the cottage industry of counterfeiting or reproducing high quality artwork and inserts for the purposes of defrauding members/collectors, it is requested that you watermark, alter or obfuscate certain markings and information in your photos.

Posting extremely detailed or full scans of art and originals (manuals for instance) enables those who labor to create counterfeits to do so with much more accuracy and allows them to refine their wares.

It's understood that some of this is required to verify items, just be cautious.

You don't have to do annoying or ridiculous watermarks ("Ruined by Dion" is a douchey example..) Just make sure that you're aware of what you're putting out there.

Shawn has done a tasteful and functional watermark that should be used as an example.

It's not a perfect system and it can be defeated by a committed individual over a long enough time. The point is to make it as difficult as possible.

Thank you.