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Thread: The Tony-a-thon. It. Has. Begun! Full info on post #69.

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    The Tony-a-thon. It. Has. Begun! Full info on post #69.

    I know there is a few people wanting to do this. I have been laying down the ground work for something in his memory since yesterday morning. I was planning on making an announcement on this next week after all of this stuff settles down a bit, but there seems to be a lot of cooks in the kitchen and a concentrated effort is probably the best way to ensure a big turnout. I have already reached out to a few of you guys and i appreciate your commitment and promises.

    Here is what I am planning:

    I want to hold a charity auction of various gaming items. From Big Tymer stuff to small less expensive stuff so anyone can afford to bid/ win on an item. I have personally reached out to Game Gavel and Mike Kennedy (The man behind the curtain at Game Gavel) has upgraded my account to being fully free and without fees. There will also be a place to contribute just money if thats your thing. I have also reached out to a friend at Chicago branch of the ACS to see about some marketing to help make this known, but I have not gotten a response back yet (it's only been a day, after all).

    I will be organizing a collection of items for auction with 100% of the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society (per Tony's family request). Some people have already pledged donations in both item and monetary terms which is awesome and I thank you for it.

    My goal is to raise a $10k total donation not just from us but from the whole gaming community. I will be personally putting up the Ghosts 'n' Goblins Prototype board that I received from Tony himself (from his Romstar days). I feel an item of that magnitude can help make the $10k goal achievable.

    Donations to the cause will be accepted, but this will all come to be after his services are over. I will be rebumping this thread next week when it is an easier time to move forward with this. He has been a tremendous friend to me personally and to this community. I feel this is the least we could do to honor his memory. Lets all remember him well but tackle a large scale donation after the dust settles.

    Thanks in advance for any support I may receive.

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