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Thread: Renmauzo's Game Room

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    I'm surprised I'm not seeing a sort of Mega Man shrine in there.

    Looks like a gaming mecca though, nice set-up!

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    viva las vegas!

    very nice collection! love the neatness of the games. so many boxed goodness!

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    Looks absolutely awesome. I'm jealous of all the boxed Snes and Game Boy games. Fantastic collection sir.

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    That mvs rack next to your big red is cool, was that an official product or
    something you made/bought yourself?Nice collection!
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    Thanks for all the kind words gents, and for taking a peek into my primary game room. There's still a lot of 'moving in' to do at the house, but I really wanted a sense of comfort and normalcy by setting up this room right away.

    @opt2not: Eventually, there will be something set up that's Mega Man centric

    @Gaston: actually, that rack is one of two I got from a computer store that was getting rid of them when one of their brands pulled out. They used to be used to display Emzone products (compressed air, anti static wipes, etc.) and I just repurposed them for the MVS kits. Since selling off about half of my kits last fall, I've been able to put a bunch of the smaller items up that I had stashed away before. The other rack uses pegs and I have it in the other gaming area with boxed controllers hanging on it. Once I get that area done, I'll take another few photos.

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