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    Quote Originally Posted by oliverclaude View Post
    Just watched a video, that's hardcore asid. Congrats! Did you play the US or the JPN version? Curious if you got the badass 'Old Glory' ending.
    US. I'm curious about the JPN differences if any exist.

    I don't think it was very hardcore because I took the easy way out. There is a glitch you can perform near the beginning of the first stage that allows you to transform instantly into the super werewolf. You'll stay in this form as long as you can avoid every "anger" power up in the game (and avoid taking enough damage which brings you back to human form). This is a challenge in itself, mainly due to stage 4's off screen power up that materializes maybe 50% of the time.

    Also, being the super werewolf gives you an insane jump which can be unwieldy at times. Many sections of the game were not designed for an enabled super werewolf.

    That being said, using the super glitch presents a huge advantage overall. The high jumps will allow you to avoid a lot of trouble, and your attack is incredibly powerful. Maybe one day I'll try to clear the game sans glitch.
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