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Thread: Welcome to the Collection Gallery: proper gallery etiquette

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    Welcome to the Collection Gallery: proper gallery etiquette

    We suggest that collection pics focus primarily on the neo but you can also share your other gaming related collections, your consoles, arcade cabinets, home theater gaming setup, computer gaming rigs, et cetera.

    Every member is entitled to his/her own collection page; there is a limit of one collection page per member.

    HTML has been enabled, turned on for this forum only to allow for flexibility and creatitvity in collection page creation. Abusing HTML results in thread deletion and suspension/banning.

    All new topics created in this forum (excluding this one) must be for your personal collection page. Members are free to comment on your collection by posting within your thread, and you can add new comments or reply to comments as well, but for the sake of organized navigation, your collection pictures should be showcased in the OP (original post) and all additions/updates should involve editing your OP.

    -Include your user name in your thread title.

    To prevent dead links from obsolete URLs or exceeded bandwidth from off site hosting, it is recommended that you upload your pictures using the Attachment option as shown below (this picture was uploaded using the same File Upload Manager that you should be using):
    Currently have a 2MB maximum file size set for uploads (that's 2MB per file/picture). Let me know if this is too restrictive.
    No maximum width, no maximum height, no maximum attachments per post, & unlimited storage space per user. I would like to avoid limitations until server space or abuse becomes an issue.

    If you don't want other members contacting you for trades or sales, you can add a disclaimer to your collection page at the top or bottom of your original post.

    This is not a for sale thread, please don't ask.
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