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Thread: Happy Birthday The_Chosen_One!

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    3t3rn@l n00b

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    Happy Birthday The_Chosen_One!

    this dude gave me (as in free), my first cps2 board. Seriously cool guy. Happy Birthday Buddy, I'm gonna return the favor someday
    Quote Originally Posted by cdamm View Post
    we barely even talk about neo here.

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    Yeah he was an interesting guy but I got the idea he felt like he wasn't a part of this place. And yet look who feels at home here.
    All creature will die and all the things will be broken.

    Neo Geo Dip Switch wiki page

    Quote Originally Posted by SonGohan View Post
    I didn't even talk about how you live in a shack and shit in the fucking forest.
    Quote Originally Posted by SonGohan View Post
    I mean, at least I didn't say your wife should divorce you or comment on your need to play RE while shitting or whatever else was said.

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    They call me Quiet. But I'm a Riot. Mary-Jo-Lisa. Always the same. That's not my name. That's not my name. That's not my name. That's not my name.

    I'm not sure that's the case.
    I think he's just tremendously busy.
    At any rate, happy birthday D.
    We need to do a whole south central get together
    or something one day.

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    Conan The Librarian
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    Happy birthday Dustin.

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    happy b-day!

    Quote Originally Posted by FAT$TACKS View Post
    My daughter asked me if were really going to live here. She was so upset.

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    Die Gans

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    Happy birthday.
    Originally Posted by kernow:
    Serious, serious problems man, you have them.

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    Clow Warlord of Neo-Geo...for one glorious day!
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    The CLOW Empire as the Warlord of CLOW!!!


    Now...IT'S OFFICIAL!!!

    "Everything will surely be all right." 「絶対大丈夫だよ。」, "Zettai daijōbu da yo."
    "I decided I AM going to collect all the cards!!!
    If I don't capture them all, they'll just keep doing bad things!"

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    Happy birthday! The dude gave me (as in free) a Subway lunch at a gaming convention some years ago. I'm gonna return the favor some day.

    Quote Originally Posted by Evil Wasabi View Post
    In the future, many people will be offered the ability to collect welfare in exchange for being completely sterilized. Not just sexually disfigured from reproductive sex, but to have their DNA sequence registered in a database of unreproducibles. And this would apply to women and males.

    But those people who can work, which would likely not even include us, would be able to live without social welfare.

    It will be then that GregN, at about 70 years old, would tell people that he was truly born in the wrong generation.
    Quote Originally Posted by LoneN00b View Post
    Am I autistic?

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    TЗh ЯussiaИs Дre CФming,
    TЗh ЯussiaИs Дre CФming

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    I've been off the webz so happy belated b-day D!

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    Thanks guys, I love this place (which is why I've been here so long), I just stay insanely busy at work during certain times of year so my posting slows down greatly.

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    Happy belated B-Day!

    "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;"

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