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Thread: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 coming to the PS3/360 this September

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    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 coming to the PS3/360 this September

    I was hoping that this title would get ported to the new generation of consoles (when they come out)

    And yes, I strongly believe the console port will suck bigtime. PlayStation 3 and Xbox360 were not able to do an arcade perfect port of Tekken 6 BR (even though it was modified PS3 hardware running on the arcade) so I believe this title will be juggies-fest at its best

    I hope I am wrong with this but our eyes will hurt when it comes out

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    So... is SNK releasing this or something?
    When I figure out how I got here I'll let you know

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    Quote Originally Posted by SetaSouji View Post
    So... is SNK releasing this or something?
    If it's in this section then yes.

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