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Thread: Wizard Tilting Lible: The Last Odyssey for Last Odysseys

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamuraiShodownSensei View Post
    those screens run a $100 here. The initial investment is high, however I don't have the need to spend $$$ on getting mini marquees professionally printed.

    at long run, its indeed cheaper...
    very nice!
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    I'm glad that after over 135 pages, dispite some off topic discussion and segueing, we were able to come to an agreemnet at the primary topic at hand: that while the concept for the film Event Horizon held potential the end result was a sub par effort that fell one notch above "straight to home video" B-movies and the fans behind the small cult following the film has are more a fan of:

    - said initial concept and the possibilities it had
    - the two short clips of depravity laden torture that the film contained

    In the end this perfectly illustrates how fan worship does not a good film make.

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    This thread should also serve as a reminder that Deckard was not a replicant.
    Quote Originally Posted by OrochiEddie View Post
    our flame wars have become smarter. More tactical. Like the CIA of Trolling

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abasuto View Post
    This thread should also serve as a reminder that Deckard was not a replicant.
    I hear they are serving neck blood at burrito district.

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