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    Important stat

    All creature will die and all the things will be broken.

    Neo Geo Dip Switch wiki page

    Quote Originally Posted by SonGohan View Post
    I didn't even talk about how you live in a shack and shit in the fucking forest.
    Quote Originally Posted by SonGohan View Post
    I mean, at least I didn't say your wife should divorce you or comment on your need to play RE while shitting or whatever else was said.

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    Buy From the Neostore

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    yeah don't remind me, i know torres has been crap since we bought him. its a damn shame.
    cool dude

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthewhayden View Post
    That is great!! What a statistics created.
    wow :/

    Quote Originally Posted by FAT$TACKS View Post
    My daughter asked me if were really going to live here. She was so upset.
    Quote Originally Posted by mr_b View Post
    You have no idea how this place works then.

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    isn't torres doing so-so assisting to goals?

    If i haven't given you feedback on market, PM me. I tend to forget. Please...

    Looking for the following mooks:
    kof 94-01, 03, XI, XIII
    Awesome Sellers:
    bokmeow, RingoC, Pocketgamer, RocketLawnChair, hines1515, Adam Gallant, NTSC-J, JHendrix, subcons, kitkit
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