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Thread: Negozi gioco italiano?

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    Talking Negozi gioco italiano?


    Io viaggerò in Italia e sarò a Roma, San Felice di Circeo, Terracina, e Sperlonga con la mia famiglia. Ho pensato che forse mi potete fare sapere di qualcuna sala giochi o un negozio di videogiochi, pure usati, in queste città. Vi ringrazio tanto!
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    Hi Billy!

    Probably the only place you could try for an arcade is Roma, can't say for sure if any survived, I lived there years ago and the situation was tragic already

    Shops... just things like GameStop in malls (tnx globalization..) nothing really worth IMO.

    But I'm sure some member can point you to a comic/game japanese import shop, but usually in those places you can find only cheap/commond shit, with sky rocket prices.... never liked their "imported from pay it like gold" attitude back in the '90, now with Internet it's anachronistic...

    Hope you'll enjoy your stay!

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    Good luck find something worth it here in Italy, maybe in Rome you'll find some arcades, but the shop prices are way too high (and you have to consider the change usd-eur...).

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