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Thread: Finally got around to installing a Neobitz

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    Finally got around to installing a Neobitz

    Hi guys,
    Didn't have much to do on Sunday, so was wondering what to do when I remembered I got a Neobitz V2 almost two years ago for an Amiga project I was working on, but never installed. Now I thought it might be good to install it in my Neo because the RGB Scart output (which was already modded) produced a slightly wavering image on my Sony Bravia that I was never able to figure out how to correct.

    I installed the board in my Neo, wiring it up for component and composite video jacks, testing revealed a clean steady image, but it suffered from a whitening of the image. I found a thread suggesting to add a 100nf cap to the sync and that cleared the problem, now the image looks great on my Bravia. While I was performing the correction I also added in stereo audio jacks, tapped from the headphone lines, sounds great.

    Now my neo has the following mods:
    Socketed Unibios V3
    RGB Scart Bypass
    Neobitz for component and composite video
    Stereo out
    Power led

    ... yes, it does look a bit scary when you open it up now

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    How much did hat neobitz run you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sat985 View Post
    How much did hat neobitz run you?
    $85 for the full component+svid+composite version.

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