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Thread: How to make a PK? Ask this dude how!

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    How to make a PK? Ask this dude how!

    All creature will die and all the things will be broken.

    Neo Geo Dip Switch wiki page

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    I didn't even talk about how you live in a shack and shit in the fucking forest.
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    I mean, at least I didn't say your wife should divorce you or comment on your need to play RE while shitting or whatever else was said.

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    Wow, thought he was gonna end with a dragon punch or something.
    You have to laugh if he put the ball into the stands though

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    i like the flip, but it'd be better if he'd do the run up, flip, then kick the ball. the keeper would prolly be all thrown off then and on the ground. though i've seen a few people try a spin and kick maneuver to trick the keeper, and sometimes it gives him a bit more time to think and stop the ball. the penalty is a tricky art.
    cool dude

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