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Thread: RIP Kinn "Robotron" Henderson

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    Aside from here, I knew him from snk-capcom and SRK (another Michigan player here). I was also invited to stop by for the Friday Night Gaming gatherings, but didn't have the chance to go. Back on SRK, he made the first av I ever wore (a cool surprise out of the blue), along with a set on Really nice guy.

    Very sorry to hear it, and I regret not having been able to meet him myself. RIP.

    PSN: summerdrone

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    Repose en paix.

    All of my condoléance for the family.

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    definitely remember seeing his avatar around long ago, RIP.

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    This is terrible news. I've known Kinn since the early 90s, he was a great guy.

    So sad to see him pass; RIP.

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    [color=blue]Hi, you guys on here don't know me, but I'm also part of another forum that ROBOTRON was also a huge influence on. We were also devastated by this news and are still grieving over such a huge loss to our community.

    We've made a page dedicated to him on Facebook and we'd appreciate it if all of you joined it in honor of him and spread the word about this dedication to him. The link to the page is:!/...1404870?v=wall

    Thanks, and once again R.I.P. to a good man and friend.[/color]

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    Rest in peace, man, wherever you are. Surfing the web I've found a pic of your game room.
    It was cool. I hope you could play up there.

    BARCELONA (SPAIN) 10/8/2017

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    Terribly late on the uptake, but I'm surprised to see that he had passed. Here and there I'd wonder where he had gone as he was a staple on S-C, but I hadn't thought to mention it. I remember him from way back in the old EmuUnlim message board days ('99 - '01) when I moderated over there. Terrible shame to know he's gone.

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