Name is Matthew, I have been actively collecting video games for about 5 years and have a collection of about 1500 games for various systems. My primary collection is Xbox and NES stuff and just kinda dabble everywhere else.

I have the same user tag on nintendoage (where I am most active) and DP, just incase some of you might recognize me from there.

I have always feared getting into neo collecting due to the price difference and wanted a cabinet but was always fearful of the maintnance and transportation of one. I bit the bullett about 2 weeks ago and bought one locally with 8 games, here is a pic of the cabinet:

So far not so bad on the prices of stuff, I am at 17 games, a 4 slot mvs, and a bunch of paper work/boxes ect. and in it all for about $1G.

Hope to make some new friends here and discuss neo related stuff, this has always been my goal as a collector, but never thought I was worthy of joining the forum until I owned something true to the community.