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Thread: Black bars on Metal Slug

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    i've noticed on my nam-1975 mvs cart the intro and cutscene text tends to appear to start quite a bit off left of visible screen - havent noticed that on many neo games... but it def. does it, probably related to what you found, interesting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shorty View Post
    Researching this a bit, it shows that some games on the Neo has graphics that gives the games a 320x224 resolution. Puzzle Bobble and Baseball Stars uses this.

    But the official resolution for Neo Geo is 304x224, if a game has a 320x224 resolution it's just using some tricks to get som extra pixels in width. Here is a quote from maws:
    Ok, I'll have to just wait to see what games I put in my cabinet, and then decide whether to clip some games or leave bars for others. Thank you everyone for all of the assistance. This was a good conversation and I hope a lot of the forum members learned something new.


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    I'm glad this thread exists, because for a moment there I thought my Metal Slug cart was screwed as well. First off, I'm using an Omega CMVS going through an OSSC to an Asus 24" monitor. I had the two extra squares on the bottom left and right of my screens. Tipped off by Anselm's posts here, I started messing around with the soft dips. The only configurations I can see that can make the squares go away are the ones that disable the "credit" display. Everything else I've tried does not affect the visibility of the squares. This is somewhat OK by me. I'm not too bothered by the inability to see the credits, less so than seeing those annoying squares anyway. However, if there is some way to force the squares away while also having the credits shown, I would like to know it. Can anyone chime in?

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