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Thread: Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukejaywalker23 View Post
    Who's this kennyboy? What's his eBay name?
    Kenny is a long time Neo community member and modder. You can find his stuff on ebay under Neotropolis or KPJ on here. Also has a webpage for his services. He mostly does AES mods, consolizes MVS boards, makes super guns, and produces "real" conversions of games. He did my AES mods and I got a second hand copy of a Metal Slug 3 MVS conversion he did for another collector and I'm impressed all around with the quality of his work. He does have some oddly high prices for his conversions on ebay if you purchase directly from him, and I think that is what others are alluding to. Super nice fellow, though. I've only had positive interactions with him. That said, I don't post a ton here despite being a member for 20 years, so others may have a different view.

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