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Thread: Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by wyo View Post
    Neostore sales probably fund the site hosting so consider it a donation of sorts.
    I had no idea the server costs were getting that high.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digmac View Post
    Gotta love how he dresses it up by saying “conversion”. It’s a straight up boot that’s not even well done. Really low quality listing in all respects.
    Personal pet-peeve how the word "conversion" has become a catch-all for all Neo bootlegs in the last few years. I have a whole section on my website dedicated to the three main types of boots to help people out when buying a "conversion" as most people have no idea what they're getting.

    Shawn isn't the only culprit here - Example: NeoOldStore only sells repros now (decent ones at that), but calls them conversions.

    That said, Shawn's price on Ninja Masters isn't off base for what EPROM boots go for on Ebay. You typically see these for around $250 or so in the US.

    Yahoo Japan Auctions is a different story, with many of these same sellers peddling their boots for around $125-150.

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    Loose slug 2 + copied artwork = $460?... lolwut

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