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It's hard to say, it runs perfectly with no problems. Also has the same Korean cart label. Game boots as NGH 242.

So what I want to know is why they would take the time to redesign a PROG and CHA board to use SMDs when bootleggers usually use adapters to put SMD chips in DIP sockets? And why would they redesign boards that already exist, usually bootleggers make their own PCB design not copy one. It just doesn't add up for me. Ever since the MX revelation I don't know any more.

KOF98 wasn't a huge game in the arcades so for them to produce these PCBs it would have cost them a lot more money than to use "DIP" boards. I could see a bootleg possibility if this game was say Bust a Move which was a huge money maker. Most arcades didn't even have KOF98.
There are well-made boots out there. There is simply no reason to believe the cart you've shown is not a boot. It's a typical high quality boot. SNK never used these chips or boards.