I have to do this poll to see if it is avdvantageous from a financial POV to pay the amount of money to bring Buchecha vs. Brazil to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico to play against not only Juarez's finest players like Alexis, Esteban, Hugo etc., but the finest players in all of Mexico as it is confirmed that Kula, Osmani, Abraham, and all the other players like Skato and some 60+ extra players would make their way up to JuareZ WarZone 2010 for this tournament.

Your opinions are greatly valued, please be honest as this will affect my decision.

Would you buy the a DVD that featured Buchecha from Brazil vs. Mexico's finest in KOF 2002?

Yes I would be all over that!
No, sorry not for me.

Thank you for your opinion it is greatly appreciated! Please reply Yes or NO.

Poll ends 10-30-09 at 10:00 AM.


Dark Geese
President of LDA Inc's Gaming Division