MV-ELC LCD Panel Marquee Lights

What are they made of?

How do they work?

Are they repairable?The bulb itself..

What's inside of this? How does this produce light..?

What type of bulb would you call this.?..Fluorescent.....?

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Did SNK sell the bulbs loose at one time to Arcade owners who had machines with blown Marquee Lights?

The picture below shows one bulb backwards..(left)I removed it to see what was on the back side.
<img src="" alt=" - " />
It's a silver looking metal plate in plastic.

I would like to fix the the blown bulbs if possible..but I have no clue on how they work or how they are made.

I recently bought a fully working four slot MV-ELC LCD Panel marquee light...So I'm happy to have the 4 Marquee lights in my cab working now..
I still have My original MV-ELC LCD Panel with two blown bulbs....for spares...they are so damn hard to get.
And this 2 slot in pics (to study)Take apart.