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Is the ML2032 the proper rechargeable battery to use in a 1c with the charging circuitry still in place?
Alas, the MV-1c is the only board that is missing from my collection. So i don't know what battery is native to this board.

A quick google learned me, the battery chemistry of both are very different.
The LiR is a 3.6v battery This battery is rechargeable, however a protective circuit is absolutely necessary due to the very high energy density of this type of cell. Since the mv-1c is a very simplistic board I don't think they over designed the loading circuit.
The ML is a 3v battery with the same physical dimensions but with less stringent requirements in terms of loading.
So maybe an other member can shed some light on the type of battery used on an MV-1c or even measure the loading voltage of it.
But in my experience a rechargeable battery is not the best way to go in HUO machine, It takes to long to fully charge them in a save way and the charge doesn't hold that long. As I said before, those machines where build to have more running time then rest. And when they where stored between two locations, no one minded if the memory got lost, each location needed new bookkeeping and preferred there own settings.