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Thread: Retro Gamer magazine's terrible Metal Slug feature --reviewed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rugal2000 View Post
    A writer should stoke the fires of imagination and have some semblance of charisma, eloquence or education. Failing that at least be accurate with facts. The guy is none of the above.

    Its not a fine art. Take a member like Steve and read his world heroes 3 review. The enthusiasm and imaginative writing is abundant. Than read a review of something he didnt like, and he is still perfectly readable.

    Thanks for the kind words there. I agree BTW with your first paragraph. Those are some traits of an effective writer indeed.

    Ah yes, the World Heroes 3 piece, written about seven years ago. Good times.

    I'm generally an upbeat, positive guy. That's who I am, and also how I write. When I love a game, you can feel my passion for it through my writing. But when I dislike a game, I still try to write in a way that is beyond "This game sucks. I hate it. It is a total piece of shit." That's just not my style and also it's not what I feel constitutes "good writing." But hey, diff strokes for diff folks

    And yes, it's time this thread is locked and moved into "Best of"

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    I represent the Society Against Discrimination of Dead/Undead Organisms

    We would like to protest at this thread being derailed from the importance of whether a Zombie or Mummy exists purely as a physical look or by its actions. We take the issue of Discrimination against semi/non corporeal beings very seriously and we shall take further actions if our demands are not met. So be nice or we tell your mummies!!

    Yes its been a long day already....... Just making sure Im part of the drama

    Sorry forgot to be insulting

    Cant be arsed
    Hyper64+Neo Geo MVS 1slot+lots of other systems
    trying to no longer buy games
    trying to find time to sell games
    FAIL....Recycle to

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nesagwa View Post
    From the little Ive seen of the magazine, it seems their editorial staff is a joke.

    Missing chunks of Shawns interview, completely wrong photos for the collection story a month ago, this garbage.

    Very unprofessional and embarrassing.
    Well there was also the article they did on my website where they did a nice little write up on but never gave any info to the readers on how to get to the site. They never put my web address in the article.
    Later once the Card Fighter Project was finished I was contacted and they were interested in doing a new article and promised to put the web address in if I were to get a complete set printed and shipped to them. Now since I was doing the project for free and get no money from it and shipping this to the UK would have cost me close to $200 or more. Needless to say I had to turn them down because I don't just have $200 laying around to waste just to get another article that who knows may have just been a correction not even an article.
    I don't know if this will work but here is a scan of the article that I'm talking about
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    Is there anywhere I can get a scan of this Retro Gamer Metal Slug article?

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    I've asked a couple times,
    the mgmt I guess agreed not to display scans of the magazine period.
    probably for copyright reasons.
    I fully recommend not buying their magazine anyways though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rarehero View Post
    I've asked a couple times,
    the mgmt ...
    Oh girl... you shock me like an electric eel.

    I'm sorta, I guess, amazed that with such a huge neo community they couldn't find anyone better to write this. Off the top of my head I could probably name 10 people from the forums.

    Hell, I could do a better job and I'm not even a Metal Slug fanatic.

    It's kinda like reading an article in the mainstream press where they talk about Nintendo inventing Crash Bandicoot or something - where they can almost be forgiven for ignorance.

    As a Retro magazine they should know where to find experts.

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    Glad I came back, this probably the best thread I've ever seen here in my 5+ years of lurking around here.

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