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Thread: King Of The Monsters 2 & Super Dodge Ball (SNK Neo•Geo MVS): Boot Or No Boot?

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    icon19.gif King Of The Monsters 2 & Super Dodge Ball (SNK Neo•Geo MVS): Boot Or No Boot?

    The King Of The Monsters 2 (SNK Neo•Geo MVS) cartridge was purchased on eBay. You can view the auction here. The Super Dodge Ball (SNK Neo•Geo MVS) cartridge was purchased on the (SNK) Neo Selling Forum. You can view the post here.

    My suspicions were raised when, upon inspection, I noticed these unusual chips: each with an odd, holographic middle. I've read this is more than likely the sign of a counterfeit SNK Neo•Geo MVS cartridge. Hopefully, I'm wrong; probably, I'm right.

    So, boot or no boot?

    The King Of The Monsters 2 (SNK Neo•Geo MVS)

    Super Dodge Ball (SNK Neo•Geo MVS)

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    KOM2 looks good but SDB looks bootish

    In with the real hardware, out with the bootlegs......who is this I wonder?

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    The KOM2 looks like it was converted possibly from a KOM cart since only the S1 and P1? were changed unless the other chips have the KOM2 number on them.

    But ya Super Dodge is of course a boot, I think at $60 that was a give away. That might be even the cart I had back in 2005.

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    Just reconfirming what the others said; KOM2 looks acceptable; SDB is as fake as Jenna Jamison's tits.
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