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Thread: Neo-Geo Deck (Hotel Unit) bios dumped

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    Neo-Geo Deck (Hotel Unit) bios dumped


    time passed and recently I decided to (finally) clean my Deck Unit, take a look at the pcb and the bios stuff.

    As it was a socket type, I decided to dump it, as I was guessing it's afterall still an obscure object, even for those (few) people who actually owns one.

    I was right, as the bios actually differs from the others dumped for MAME, so I submitted it and will be probably officially supported on the next version.

    Here some screenshot for comparison:

    MVS Jap (V1)

    MVS Jap (V2)

    MVS Jap (V3)

    Deck Unit

    The features are of course the same of other MVS, the differences at a first sight are in the main menu screen, and the missing "Setting up the code number" (the deck unit doesn't support the memcard).

    From a production point of view, I think the Deck bios should be placed beetween MAME's "Jap Ver2" and "Jap Ver3" as is the only one dated '93, but with the revision "6" on the upper right corner, logically after the "5" of JapV2.

    The most similar bios is probably the "ASIA" (a "6" too) but dated '95 and with the clock feature present on the last JapV3.

    While RAS (Room Amusement System) is used to identify the Deck too on flyers and the manual, the only detail which makes me wonder is that "Neo-Geo GIT Ver. 1.3" acronym, which is probably referred to the Deck lineup alone:

    I'm quite sure the first production run (wooden) was slighty different not only on the chassis.
    I suppose mine was actually one of the latest runs, as it have metal chassis and stickers promoting games like Garou Densetsu Special, so it could be interesting to dig on previously made units.

    Well, I'm following the MAME update, documenting the Deck pcb with pictures and numeration details, and after everything is done proprerly I think we all can "enjoy" a new NeoGeo bios, saved from oblivion (^_^).
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