as Christmas is coming also this year, I was interested in doing something special, as I'm spending a month in Japan, both in Tokyo and Osaka.

With the election of Soichiro Hosoya as the new SNK Playmore president, and the upcoming release of KOF XII, I proposed to FTL and Shawn my thought about take a day to visit SNKP, wish minnasan good luck for the future, make an interview with both president and staff (new and old), and then publish it on neo-geo.com .

After some email exchange I finally made it, and SNKP gave me the ok to proceed.

Now that the thing is official, I would be pleased to let you all partecipate somehow, suggesting questions which will be part of the interview.

I would gladly accept them all, but of course is not possible, so I was thinking about a selection of ~20 or less (short interview).

On 26/12 I'll be there, but I need to send them the interview (translated) before, so they can check it.

So... what would you ask to actual SNK new president and staff (which btw, is part composed by old SNK people) !?