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Thread: Japan Expo in Paris (2008)

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    Japan Expo in Paris (2008)

    Bonjour les amis!

    I've been attending the Japan Expo this year @ Parc des Expositions in Paris (near CDG airport), and they had quite a game area! Not only new stuff (a lot of rythm games, basically) but also classic stuff, mostly fighting games, set up in nice Japananese cabs.

    I kicked some butts @ Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting, while thinking about buying s cab at NeoLegend (quite a serious store it seems)! Any of our French member has been there too?

    By the way, France and Pairs ROCK (as they always did, actually)...
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    I wasn't there

    I wanted to but... I forgot just 2 weeks before and baught train tickets to go somewhere else... I regret.

    Hope It will be even better next year

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