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Thread: Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

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    Upgrade is on my to watch pile. Also, there’s a new Puppet Master film, written by S. Craig Zahler. Great genre cast in this one too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by F4U57 View Post
    Also, there’s a new Puppet Master film, written by S. Craig Zahler. Great genre cast in this one too.
    Saw this last night - fucking terrible.

    Let me explain:

    I'm a fan of the series. I feel as though they got sequentially better, hit the mark by PM3 then declined. I love PM4 and 5 and it's a shame they couldn't develop the new mythos they were going for with those. Everything after that has been garbage.

    So...THIS piece of shit. Barbara Crampton, check...there's a nod to the original. Charles Band gets executive director credit [rolls eyes] and the intro credits felt very much in line with the originals. Then it all goes to hell.

    Spoilers below:

    The whole gist of the plot is that 30 years ago was "The Toulon Murders" and the town is having a convention centered around the anniversary and people are bringing their puppets to auction off (???). So, the puppets are now in the vicinity of Toulon's corpse and come back to life to wreak havoc. Sounds fine on paper I guess?

    So, they open with Toulon in a bar being weird to set him up as a racist homophobe. He proceeds to have the puppets kill a lesbian couple that kissed in front of him. Then, shoot forward 30 years and the hotel is full of gays and jews that piss off the little puppets who start killing.

    The main problem I have with this flick is,

    • Outside of casting Crampton there are no nods or easter eggs to the original series
    • The puppets are completely superfluous and are the equivalent of electronics in Maximum Overdrive
    • They have multiples of the same puppets because Toulon apparently made tons and sold them ???
    • Even the kills are random and out of place, as if this was a cobbled together FX reel


    I could seriously write pages about what they got wrong with this, but it's already a waste of my time and I refuse to care anymore.

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