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Thread: I wanna make neo-geo games.

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    I wanna make neo-geo games.

    whats good people, so does anyone know where I can find/get the software to make a neo-geo game?

    there must be some software out there that can produce the same graphics, sound, and control style to make a neo game.

    has anyone tried it before and succeeded?

    why I wanna make a neo game, simple, cause there ain't nomore games coming out for that system and I sure miss playing games on neo-geo including new ones.

    any help would be appreciated.
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    Do a port of Datsugoku(P.O.W) for the AES!

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    I'm not sure what tools you'll need to get started but I'm sure if you google up "NeoGeo homebrew" you'll find tons of useful information. There's still new Dreamcast games coming out, hell last year (I believe it was last year) a Sega Genesis game was released... it was even made into an actual physical hard Cartridge with a label and everything, lol.

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