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Thread: Bought a MV-1F with Z80

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    Bought a MV-1F with Z80


    I'm one of the Kazuo purchasers that actually got a decent cab but purchased a MV-1F from someone here that arrived with Z80 error. Seller claimed it was tested, but at the end, I was refunded. It was insured and to wish to go into that any futher but anyway, I'm wondering if I should get it fixed. Any tips on the issue?

    It's a MV-1F

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    A new board is like $50. You can even get a 2 slot for around $75-100.

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    MV-1F with a Z80 error?

    Check the battery for leaking. That will eat up some traces right next to the sound subsystem.

    Call me a cheap bastard... I learned to fix things to save money... even surface mount soldering...

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