Alright fans, here's the official Road to Euro 2008 thread!

Since the qualifyings went into phase two, it's time to get the ball rolling so to speak...

The official homepage is , check out your fave team's stats and group info there.

This thread will be kept open until the official play-offs and then either merged with a new Euro 2k8 thread or closed, depending on the number of replies.

So... fire away!

Germany played Czech Republic (both group D) on last Sat and won 2:1 (1:0), nice match. Our boys obviously still are hungry enough but the indecisive Czechs also helped a lot. Man of the match was Kevin Kuranyi with two goals... he still had a thing to settle with ex-coach Klinsmann for not letting him in the WC 2k6 team but I guess that's a thing of the past now.

I was a bit disappointed in the Czechs, they showed so much potential during euro 2k4 but had to leave WC 2k6 early and obviously still labour on their old problems.

Anyway, the next qualifying day will be come Wednesday 28th (matchday 9) with Italy - Scotland as my fave of the lot (20:50 CET, Bari, Italy)... let's see what happens, hope there won't be another hool rage...