Post a pic of your CMVS, AES, NGCD if you customized it. I know the n00bs want some ideas as to what they can do with a PCB, money and some time. Also post any updates if you added anything recently.

I recently added an inline fuse to my CMVS which should have been done a long time ago. Thank god nothing happened before I did. I also updated my power LED which was 2 blue ones pointing at the cart slot to illuminate the cart which worked OK but I wanted something a little more noticable.

Here a shot fron the front, you can see the small 3mm LED:

Here is a little darker shot so you can see the color of the LED:

I also added a test button which was a great idea, now I can play windjammers with 90 second matches:

I am going to be building another CMVS but with a more "antique" look to it. I also am debating if I should OC the one I am going to build. Also I am going to try and install something to make it unique.