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Thread: [PS2] European Release of KING OF THE FIGHTERS MAXIMUM IMPACT 2

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    icon28.gif [PS2] European Release of KING OF THE FIGHTERS MAXIMUM IMPACT 2

    King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2 will not King of Fighters 2006 in Europe:

    Press release:

    Ignition Entertainment is Pleased to Announce the European Release of KING OF THE FIGHTERS MAXIMUM IMPACT 2 for the PlayStation® 2

    7 th July ‘06

    Following the successful introduction of the KOF franchise to 3D, SNK will take the series to new heights with the next instalment – King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2

    This time, produced by the acclaimed SNK artist and designer, Falcoon – KOFMI2 has built upon and enhanced the frantic gameplay of the original, as well as adding a number of new and exciting features.

    The character roster has been ramped up to 24 characters now selectable from the start, but there are many new hidden characters waiting to be found, including some fan favourites making a surprise return.

    The Fighting system has also been reworked. The familiar control from the first game has been improved, and with the new additions of SUPER CANCEL and COUNTERSTRIKE, KOFMI2 will offer a new and truly rounded fighting experience.

    Along with the completely redesigned Graphics and enhanced game mechanics, KOFMI2 also offers many varied modes to keep the player coming back for more, by awarding many hidden items for those who can complete the challenges.

    ‘King of Fighters in 3D should be enough to get any fighting fan excited' says Peter Rollinson, Product Manager, Ignition Entertainment ‘KOFMI2 has it all, fantastic graphics, tight control method and many new unlockables and modes to keep any fighting fan happy'

    King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2 features:

    24 initially selectable characters, with many more unlockable throughout the game including some surprise appearances - Billy Kane anyone?
    New and Improved fighting system, now allows the ability to ‘Block and Parry' your opponents attacks
    Experience a whole new look with redesigned, highly detailed characters and levels
    Lots of unlockable extras, including new character costumes, levels and mini games
    Get right into the action with the ‘Free camera' mode which allows gameplay to be stopped at anytime and then viewed from any angle.
    Four exciting modes of play, including: STORY, VERSUS, CHALLENGE and PRACTICE

    For further information please visit:

    The King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2 will be available Autumn '06 for the PlayStation® 2
    And please hear Track 3 of this Soundtrack: NeoGeo Jingle Remix... :chimp:

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    Yeah, I found out just now. Here's hoping that they will do a good job like they did with the first EU Maximum Impact (except for the horrible 50HZ mode, but I always play in 60Hz). I wonder if we will get Another Day as a bonus disc.

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    I just hope they actually stick to that release date.
    I'd hate to have to wait untill Autumn NEXT YEAR like we did with SamSho5 and KoF2003.

    Please Ignition, prove my fears unfounded.
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