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Thread: Question for members in Spain, especially in Barcelona

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    icon17.gif Question for members in Spain, especially in Barcelona

    Does anyone of you know a guy named Jackson Ramos Severino?

    He goes by the name of "Dajei" on eBay and claims to live in Barcelona.

    The reason I'm asking is that I've won one of his eBay auctions, paid for it, and now our transaction seems to be heading down to Shit Creek ...

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    You should have PM'ed me, I don't visit this forum that much...

    Anyway I *think* I know who this is, I was at a friend's house once like 2 years ago and he was phoned to go to somebody else's house not far, and I went with him and I met somebody who *could* be this one, he had an arcade cab and some boards, I don't remember his exact name but it *could* be Jackson. He was from some latin-american country (maybe Caribbean).

    Since I don't personally know him there's very little I could do, at a maximum I could ask for his phone number.

    Sorry and good luck.

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