View Full Version : Sengoku 3 Price Drop!

Frame Gride 2
10-25-2003, 04:51 PM
$ 149 --> $135

I think I might have to pick this up now regardless of the reviews.

10-25-2003, 05:16 PM
Frame Gride 2-

AAMOF, I played this last nite, and had a very good time indeed, playing on level 8, and spent 5 credits going up to the boss of level 5.

An epifany came over me as to how to keep the combos going on a single or a group of enemies, and was able to repeatedly get 20, 30, sometimes 40+ hit combos if I found a huge wad of enemies to go nuts on.

The game really is great. Its fresh, has fantastic animation, the music while all mono sampled instead of FM wavetable is still very good, particularly Japan, Brazil, and the final level(Which sounds alot like something you'd hear in Diablo 1 for PC). The game is definately modern, graphics are bright, and the game is long enough too. Characters, while many are ripped from SS (a galford and Hahomaru lookalike), and a Dragonball Z lookalike, they are great.

I exchanged 5 crapper games into the NEOSTORE this past February for $155 credit towards a slightly mint but new copy of Sengoku 3, which btw was worth every penny.

I love the game, and my only problem with the game really is the famous complaint that it should be called Ninja Combat 2.

No doubt the price will continue to drop but I wouldn't hesitate to buy it.