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09-14-2003, 07:17 AM

The Stinger Report’s correspondences’ show briefs are back from JAMMA, and up at the site, though a brief (free) rundown is available at www.highwaygames.com though for the forum (as a thanks for all the help) we have a couple of points to share:

Avoided attendance at JAMMA, they have not re-established a JAMMA membership since the acquisition and were off booth. The company’s products were represented on Taito, Sammy and a third party distributors booth. Announced or shown at JAMMA - ‘SSV(0)’, 'Pocchitto Nyan' on the Taito booth for the MVS, and ‘King of Fighters ATOMISWAVE’. All the promised games ‘Metal Slug 5’, and ‘KoF2003’ were no where to be seen and at the Sammy launch, SNKP would not answer questions were they where.

As originally leaked by The Stinger Report (www.thestingerreport.com), the Sammy brand acquisition towards ATOMISWAVE of SNKP properties was announced. Agreed only KoF has been announced, but off booth Sammy executive stated that 2004 will see at least three SNKP products on the architecture. Sammy also launched agreements with Capcom and IGS, which could see the ATOMISWAVE beating the Naomi (the other Dreamcast based platform) next year for available new content.

Stinger Overview – The main reason for this ramble however is this.
When the Stinger ran on this forum that the SNKP MVS was dead or dying we were shot down, but now SNKP has confirmed that their future releases for amusement will be MVS JAMMA!!!! Then we have to assume that things have changed big time towards what we affirmed.

It looks that MS5, FoF’03, and SSV will all be MVS JAMMA’s, this being a very transparent hiding of the fact that the MVS in SNKP eyes is a JAMMA board and not a MVS cartridge, and hopes everyone is too stupid to spot the difference! I have to share the concern that MS5 will be the last AES cartridge, and that the ATOMISWAVE will rule by Q4 2004 in SNKP’s thinking. Possibly an occasional 2D release from a studio licensed to SNKP.

It’s amazing to think that Eoilth or Taito may be the last companies manufacturing actual MVS cartridges for operators, while SNKP drops the platform! On a side note the new ATOMISWAVE-Network (AW-Net) could be a big boost to SNK fans, as the use of a IC card will be a major injection in the arm to SNK titles, though it is obvious that SNKP will not be able to keep up with Sammy’s hard schedule, and could mean like with Sammy Vs. Capcom, Sammy R&D takes control.

Finally big thanks to all who sent questions to send to SNK NeoGeo USA. The PR company controlling SNK has received them and having them answered by Richard and Kazi at the US operation. The AMOA show is this week so there will be an obvious delay, also the Stinger’ feels that the corporate line may change over the days (rumour has it that SNK NeoGeo USA did not know of the Sammy announcement until the week before!!!)

Quick question, any members of the SNKWorld web, have they announced any of these deals?

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09-15-2003, 03:49 AM
hmmmmm . . .

09-15-2003, 07:14 AM
Ahhh, so... as I thought Taito is clueless... and Poochi Nya is still slated for a release.


09-15-2003, 09:21 PM
Taito used to be a kick ass company in the 80's and early 90's, they just sorta fell off the map.

I wish we could have seen a Elevator Action 3 . . . sniff

09-16-2003, 02:00 AM
Cadash ruled. I play it to this day.