View Full Version : White-Tower???Maan,Winstar...

04-26-2001, 03:38 PM
What happened guys?What's wrong with white-tower?

It's like i'm assisting suicide.Hate not me,hate your weakness.

05-04-2001, 03:50 PM
will the main problem is that the webmaster(b_style) is to busy with college this term, and his friend also have the same problem, that's why their is no update in the site for a long time, but be sure guys, when they finish their problems, the site will be right back, and their is tons of new combos for kof and snk vs capcom, especially that snk vs capcom have a lot of cool combos, but kof2k combos r more impresive, that's what i can say for now, and about maan, he went back to london last sunday, he was busy playing with us in the white tower and then he went back.