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11-22-2000, 09:46 PM
Is it worth the money to buy Metal Slug 3 cart? Does home cart have unlimited continues or limited? I'm still thinking about buying one but it'll cost over $400

11-22-2000, 10:56 PM
Samurai Showdown 2 is my most expensive Neo Geo Cart.......maybe I'm too stingy.........

Caris Nautilus
11-22-2000, 10:57 PM
if you like metal Slug 3 then buy it, You could get the MVS for alot cheaper if you just want it to play, And not collect.

11-22-2000, 11:02 PM
Metal Slug 3 is a masterpiece, a fantastic game. However, Metal Slug X is also an incredible game, and definitely worth picking up. Personally, I love the entire MS series, they're all great games in their own right and worth getting.

But you have to weigh the costs in every case. MS3 for $400+, or KOF 2000 for $332, or several of the coming flood of carts at very reasonable prices . . . its your choice.

Its a shame they didn't have a very high production quantity of MS3 carts . . . they filled preorders and that was it. Stupid philosophy, I think, but I guess they got burned by overproduction of many carts in the past and just decided to keep production to a bare minimum in the future . . .

11-23-2000, 12:07 AM
In answer to your question Metal Slug 3 home cart has limited continues, I think it's five but if you have a memory card you can always start anew from the last stage you completed. I admit this is very annoying but it can be done. But what is even better is if you have a MVS mod chip in your NEO GEO system you can change the number of lives you start with from 1 all the way up to 99 or you can even make yourself invincible so you won't even get hit much less die. Having the MVS mod on this game is awesome, it has many options besides those I mentioned.

11-23-2000, 03:21 AM
thanks guys.
I think I'll pick Metal Slug 3 if there is one. Don't know if I should pick it up from NGF............

Neo Bomber Man
11-23-2000, 04:33 AM
For me it took some time to realize, but it was a super fun for all the money I paid. Well it still is since I haven't yet beaten it. There's plenty the games offers: vehicles, paths, power-ups, detail, and most importantly & plentiful of all is ENJOYMENT.

Anyhow, if you don't like it, you could probably get back every penny you paid for it, so there shouldn't be too many worries. The Final Mission is out of this world!!

11-23-2000, 05:14 AM
I can't play MS3 anymore, because the only we're I was able to play it replace it with some dumb visco game.

11-26-2000, 12:21 PM
MS3 is a game I might like to get on cart, only problem is KOF 2000 is right around the corner, and that is about all I might can even afford right now, although spending a lot of money on one single game is not something I am that often given to do.

Bad Mofo
11-26-2000, 04:35 PM
I really think you should go for MS3 over KOF2000, JRock917. MS3 is, IMO the most fun game on the Neo. I just keep coming back to it. I am not a hardcore gamer; I only play about 1-2 times a week, for about one hour or so. But for pure one (or two) player enjoyment you can't beat MS3. If you're with a friend then KOF will probably last longer.
I am probably not going to be popular with this, but I think KOF2000 is just a cheap ass way for SNK to cash in on the franchise. I mean; the game is still basically the same as '99, only the striker system has changed. God know why they didn't update the graphics, when the Neo is capable of displaying stuff like Garou! If you want KOF, go for '98. The Striker system in '99 isn't worth your money.
But that's just my opinion I guess....

11-27-2000, 12:55 AM
Metal Slug 3 for DC.........PS 2, X-Box....
Let's pray for it.............Amen

Long life SNK

11-27-2000, 01:01 AM
I would go for Metal Slug 3 over KOF 2000 as well. I have only played Metal Slug 3 in the arcades, but it was totally awesome. And I have grown tired of the KOF routine...
I too will pray for Metal slug 3 on the Sega Dreamcast system. I think it has more of a chance of that then on PS2. Basically because PS2 is overhyped and hard to develop for.