View Full Version : Has anyone played Sengoku 3 yet?

05-18-2001, 12:47 PM
I'm seriously considering buying Sengoku 3, but I would like to know if this game is worth getting? Has anyone played it yet? Does anyone know if this game is available in an arcade in NYC(Manhattan)?


05-20-2001, 01:50 AM
Why don't you read the review I posted back in February?


05-20-2001, 02:03 AM
Sengoku 3 review (http://www.neo-geo.com/snk/reviews/sengoku3/sengoku3.html)

05-20-2001, 09:50 AM
Or look at the Sengoku 3 movie in Dr Flo's NeoGeo homepage:

Sengoku 3 movie (http://www.popularis.at/downloads/sengoku_legends_2001_movie.avi)

05-20-2001, 11:02 AM
My MOS........ <IMG SRC="smilies/veryangry.gif" border="0">

05-21-2001, 07:47 PM
i wanna play it <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

05-21-2001, 09:42 PM
Originally posted by Yukuridanshi:
<STRONG>Why don't you read the review I posted back in February?


Just finished reading your Sengoku 3 review, Yukuri. Very nicely written, thanks for taking the time to write that up in such an articulate manner!

Of course, if Sengoku 3 were to come out on home cart, I'd get it. Otherwise, I can handle the MVS cart just fine . . . with the converter or in my new 2-slot cab.

While I'm at it, your NitD review was very good as well. I have the cart, and I agree with your assessment. It's still fun, and worth getting if you're a diehard Neo fan, but it certainly could have been a lot more . . .